31st July 2012  |  The Weekly Review   | by Francesca Carter
A Man of Contradiction
Wide-ranging article on McIntyre's career. illust.
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30th March 2012  |  The Age  Arts & Entertainment section   | by Ray Edgar
Changing of the Vanguard
Article to coincide with Open House events. illust.
projects ... River House | general >

30th August 2001  |  The Age  Arts & Entertainment section   | by Anne Crawford
Show Us Your Home Work
McIntyre talks about his own house and design philosophy. illust.
projects ... Summer House

June 1990  |  Architecture Australia  Vol.79 No.25 pp.30-33   | by Peter McIntyre
Struggle For Meaning
Reprint of A.S.Hook Memorial Address delivered at Melbourne University on 7th June 1990.
Peter McIntyre describes the beginning of his career, the circumstances of his early work and his relationships with Robin Boyd and Roy Grounds. illust.

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McCarthy House | Melbourne Strategy Plan | Sea House | Dinner Plain

June 1990  |  Architecture Australia  Vol.79 No.25 pp.34-53   | by Philip Goad
Optimism and Experiment
Philip Goad discusses the career and early works of Peter McIntyre: 1950-1961. Biographical information included. illust.
projects ... most early projects, including: Olympic Swimming Pool | Snelleman House |
River House | Henry Jones Jam Factory | Sea House

June 1990  |  Architecture Australia  Vol.79 No.25 pp.58-60   | by Jeff Turnbull
Dinner Plain: With Gusto
Jeff Turnbull describes his visit to the alpine village of Dinner Plain and attempts to place its architecture in the context of McIntyre's early work. illust.
project ... Dinner Plain

June 1990  |  Architecture Australia  Vol.79 No.25 pp.61-70   | by Rob McIntyre
No Plain Sailing
An account of how the Dinner Plain alpine village came into being and the obstacles that were overcome in the process. illust.
project ... Dinner Plain

Heroic Melbourne : Architecture of The 1950s
by Norman Day   | RMIT  |  Melbourne, 1995, ISBN 0864445237
A study of the creative impact of Melbourne architecture from 1947 to 1956. illust.

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Beulah Bush Nursing Hospital | Olympic Swimming Pool

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